Traveling Goods Seller

Stanley Crowe #5 - Traveling Goods Seller
"Watcha need, stranger? We got everything an adventurer such as yerself could ever need! We got shrunken heads, squiggly bottles, invisible swords, healing potions, killing potions, shiny rocks... whatever you need, we got it!"
Drawn with H Pencils, inked with Deleter Black no.4 ink, then painted with watercolors. I don't have the inks or pencils to show for this once, since I forgot to take a picture before painting it.

Jake stueber 7 travelling goods seller

Finished painting. The paint I used on the salesman's coat is called "Amethyst Genuine", and it has sparkles in it, which I'm not a fan of. I probably won't be using the paint again anytime soon.