Toons With Glasses

A series of watercolor studies I did of characters flaunting their specs in various ways.

Characters and artwork ©2017 Jake Stueber

Jake stueber toons with glasses

The whole cast on one page ^_^

Jake stueber nils

Nils. He takes himself a bit too seriously.

Jake stueber val

Val. She's a fashionable gal.

Jake stueber george

George. He disapproves.

Jake stueber zelda

Zelda. Rockin' the standard-issue senior goggles.

Jake stueber jason

Jason. He's havin' a bad day.

Jake stueber orvald

Orvald. He might need a doctor.

Jake stueber trish

Trish. Say hi, or don't. She doesn't care.

Jake stueber llewellyn

Llewellyn. He's gonna be going away for a while.